Videos / March 25, 2014

Wine Pairings to Fit Your Personality

Sweet & Sassy, Mischief Maker, Rebel Red, Drama Queen… we all know someone who fits the description! This week on Great Day Houston, our friend Tanji Patton shared how your personality traits could help you find your next wine pairing. Watch the segment above!

Of course, each of these wines also pair deliciously with decadent snacks! Find all of the food recipes in the pairings below here on with Tanji. 

Pairing 1: Middle Sister Rebel Red with Bacon Jam Dip

Rebel Red with Bacon Dip

Pairing 2: Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy Moscato with Shortbread Cookies

Sweet and Sassy with Cookies

Pairing 3: Middle Sister Mischief Maker Cabernet with Chocolate

Mischief Maker with Chocolate

Pairing 4: Middle Sister Goodie Two-Shoes with a Caprese Salad

Goodie Two-Shoes with Salad

Pairing 5: Middle Sister Drama Queen with Bacon Fat Popcorn

Drama Queen with Bacon Fat Popcorn



  1. Suzanne @Sprinkled Nest

    I’ll take some cab and chocolate please!! Yummy pairings…will have to try some! Cheers!

    26 . Mar . 2014
    • Chelsea

      We’ll be digging in with you Suzanne! Yum! Thanks so much for your comment.

      27 . Mar . 2014

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