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Make a Bold Toast to Spring

Holiday Dinner Outdoors

Our team is so excited to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! We know the change in weather may have our Wine Sisters reaching for varietals on the lighter end of the wine body and color spectrum. We’re here to remind you there are still plenty of opportunities this season to pour big, bold red wines. 

This weekend is a prime example! Families will be gathering for egg hunts and festive feasts for the Easter and Passover holidays. On top of an already celebratory weekend, April 17 also marks Malbec World Day. We’re using the timing of all of these wonderful overlapping celebrations as our friendly reminder that Malbec still has a place on the table, no matter what the weather report says. 

Save a place for a bottle of Malbec this weekend especially if you have meat on the menu, because it will make your main dish shine. A couple favorites from our Wine Sisterhood family are Girl & Dragon Malbec and Tall Dark Stranger Malbec

See our pairing ideas below for more information on where to find these wines near you or place an order online. Don’t forget that when you first sign up for emails from us, you’ll enjoy 15% off your first order of six or more bottles in our Wine Shop Once subscribed, you’ll enjoy wine tips and tricks from our team, plus ongoing special offers!

High-Altitude Roots

Along with all the beautiful pairings you’re creating, why not wow them with some wine knowledge while entertaining this weekend? With its flavorful Argentinian roots, the Malbec grape makes for an interesting topic at any table. 

Why do we love Malbec? This full-bodied red wine is known for smoky, dark fruit flavors like blackberry, plum and black cherry and it pairs deliciously with a wide range of foods. Because Malbec has a shorter finish than other reds, like Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s a wonderful pairing with lean red meats and dark poultry meats. It also shines next to slow-cooked meats like beef brisket, pork shoulder, or roasted lamb. If you’re not a meat eater, give Malbec a try with roasted veggies, an arugula salad, and dark leafy greens.

The best part? You can typically buy a beautiful bottle of Argentinian Malbec for a great price locally or online. And here’s a fun Malbec fact: Argentina grows the most Malbec grapes and is home to more than 75% of all the acres of Malbec vines across the globe. It also grows at some of the highest altitudes in the world, at more than 5,000 feet above sea level. 

Malbec Pairing Ideas

Girl & Dragon Malbec with Slow-Grilled Leg of Lamb

Leg Of Lamb

Opt to cook outdoors with this recipe for Slow-Grilled Leg of Lamb and pour a glass of wine that applauds your adventurous spirit, Girl & Dragon Malbec. The rich and savory flavors of the lamb call for a bold, but smooth wine and Malbec is one of our favorite pairings.

Girl & Dragon Malbec

Find Girl & Dragon Near You | Shop Girl & Dragon Online

Tall Dark Stranger Malbec with Oven-Roasted Beef Brisket

beef brisket

A robust Malbec like Tall Dark Stranger is a match made in heaven with a classic oven-roasted beef brisket. This full-bodied wine will complement the savory, smoky flavors of the meat so well that everyone will be asking for a second helping.

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Wishing all of our friends and family a beautiful holiday weekend!


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