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Sweet Eats in Mexico City

The fantastical offerings at Pastelería Ideal

Midsummer travel time is here! This week, we are in Mexico City and eating our way through a thriving food scene. Each district has its own culinary identity, from street tacos to high-end tasting menus. If you have a sweet tooth like us, a fun way to explore all that Mexico City food offers is to start with dessert first! Here are some of our top picks with Wine Sisterhood pairings for an added treat!

Churrería El Moro

Churros are one of the most popular desserts in Mexico City. With origins in Portugal and Spain, Churros have become a treat staple for Mexico City locals and travelers alike. Street vendors often sell this fried treat but for the best churros in Mexico City head to El Moro. Founded in 1935 by Francisco after he moved from Spain to Mexico. The original location is open 24 hours offering these delightful confections whenever the mood hits.

WHAT TO GET: Orden de 4 Churros and Chocolate Mexicano – Tradicional y ligero
WINE PAIRING: After coffee (of course) a red wine variety like Bar Dog California Pinot Noir.

Orden de 4 Churros and Chocolate Mexicano – Tradicional y ligero

Pastelería Ideal

When venturing out into Mexico City’s Historic District, known as the Centro histórico or Centro, make sure you visit the most famous Mexico City dessert spot: Pastelería Ideal. Baking Mexican sweet breads and pastries since 1927, Pastelería Ideal is a sensory overload of delectable confections. Grab a tray and self-serve from the stacks of sweets, most delights cost around 10 men ($.50 USD). Once you are ready, take your tray to the counter where they will wrap your treats and give you a receipt to pay at the registers.

WHAT TO GET: Try a variety of Mexican pastries including Pan de Muerto and Conchas.
WINE PAIRING: Make your brunch a celebration with Laetitia Brut Cuvee, a delicious Sparkling Wine from Arroyo Grande, California.

Tout Chocolat

For artisanal chocolates, desserts, and espresso drinks head to Tout Chocolat. You will find chocolate of the highest quality, dedicated to being socially and environmentally responsible. There are three locations around the city but the emblematic store, which opened in 2006, can be found in Colonia Hipódromo-Condesa, located at Av. Amsterdam 154. Tout Chocolat owner, Luis Robledo is a Mexican chocolate chef with over 20 years of experience and has appeared multiple times on the list of Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America.

WHAT TO GET: Try one of the Variety Boxes to get a sampling of exquisite treats including roasted coriander seed praline and dark chocolate ganache with a touch of mezcal and flour de sal.
WINE PAIRING: Try a complex red with spicy chocolatey notes like Owen Roe Sinister Hand from Washington State.

Tout Chocolat Boxes http://www.toutchocolat.mx

Bendita Paleta & Gelato

Paletas are a Mexican frozen treat made from fresh fruits or creamy ingredients. Paletas are a much-loved dessert and can be found at colorful ice cream carts or at brick-and-mortar shops like Bendita Paleta & Gelato, located near Parque México. Bendita Paleta takes inspiration from the 50s and 60s, creating a nostalgic atmosphere in the shop and to the iconic tablet and spiral Paleta’s themselves.

WHAT TO GET: For the Fruit Forward: Maracuyá con Mango Y Tajín (Passion fruit with Mango and Tajín Chili Lime seasoning) For the Ice Cream Fan: Paleta de cookies & cream!
WINE PAIRING: How about a low-alcohol, fun and spritzy wine-based cocktail like GAZE White Peach Moscato?

Fruit and Chili

If you’re feeling a sugar overload, and are looking for a light sweet, go in search of a fruit vendor. Peeled fruit is usually a safe bet when traveling and fresh mango and chili is a delight. When you get sliced mango or other fruit from a vendor get it with the works: lime, chili, and chamoyChamoy is a savoury condiment made from pickled fruit, a vibrant color and a excellent mixture of sweet, tangy and salty.

WHAT TO GET: Mango, chili, lime and Chamoy!
WINE PAIRING: Sweeter wines go with spicier foods like Middle Sister Sweet and Savvy Moscato

Mango, chili, lime and Chamoy

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