Who We Are

Founding Wine SistersWine Sisterhood is an online community where women can join the conversation about wine, food, travel, style and entertaining. We know that sisterhood is powerful, and our mission is to entertain, educate, inform, and inspire. The idea for the Wine Sisterhood was sparked through actual conversations with our friends and colleagues. We set out to create a fun, friendly space online where women — like you — could talk, learn and share their wisdom.

Have you seen our Wine Sisterhood TV video segments yet? You should definitely check them out for great wine tips. But we don’t just talk wine. We cover food, travel, entertainment, style and other related topics. We also let you know about events where we’re pouring our wines or where our wines are being served. If you’re nearby, stop in to say hello and have a sip!

We also believe in and align with important causes that support women. That’s just how we do business. You can read more about our commitment to give back at Causes We Care About. You can find us here, on our Facebook community, as well as on YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also connect with us via mobile on Foursquare, Instagram, and Corkbin.

So listen, converse, share, inspire and raise your glass with us! It all starts with a sip…
~ The Wine Sisterhood

Terry Wheatley – Co-Founder; Boss Lady @NapaWineLady

Was raised on a ranch near Red Bluff California; married to a professional rodeo cowboy; mother of a professional rodeo cowboy and a daughter who danced her way through Europe; known as Nana to six grandchildren; is a sucker for weddings; believes piles on desk, floor and other horizontal surfaces is an actual filing system; started as a winery admin at the age of 20; has an extensive collection of black pants; gives homeless people $20 bills on a regular basis; is a breast cancer survivor and advocate and mentor to women in business; loves getting best table in the house, best seats in the stadium and upgrades to First Class; avoids subways if possible; has the original recipe for authentic Paso Robles Grilled Tri-Tip Beef and will gladly share with you upon request.

Motto: “And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” – Somewhere Over the Rainbow


 Mary Ann Vangrin – Co-Founder; Word Lady @Mavelicious

Grew up in San Francisco and didn’t realize the sun actually shines in the summer for most of childhood; wore a uniform and attended all-girls Catholic schools for 12 years and lived to tell about it; knows how to curtsy and sing Christmas carols in French;  is mom to an artist, a lawyer and a hockey player; writes stories about wine and food that make you laugh and cry in 140 characters or less; likes to ride horses fast but is scared of motorcycles; collects old cookbooks and mint julep cups; FIRMLY believes in separating lights from darks; understands what makes chefs tick; hates it when buttons fall off;  if she wasn’t in the wine business, wishes she was a ballerina or a fireman.

Motto: “Never sleep with your make-up on.”  –  Anonymous


Natalie Wassum – Co-Founder; Connecting Lady @GirlintheValley

Born into an old Central Valley farming family; raised on a cherry ranch; knows how to pick cherries, drive a tractor and work the farmers’ markets; experienced at catching runaway pugs; avid collector of recipes and expert cook; favorite book genre: historical fiction; guilty pleasure – cheese; knows the best place to stay, shop, drink, and dine in every major city of the world; is not afraid of a little sequins or glitter; dream trips: Croatia and Turkey; can throw a dinner party for 20 with two hours notice; bocce aficionado and winner of the coveted “Ringer” Award for team “Joanie Loves Bocce”; convinced that whenever she wears her Hunter boots it never rains; was taught how to catwalk by a major fashion figure.

Motto: “I only drink Champagne when I’m happy, and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory.  I trifle with it if I am not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it – unless I’m thirsty.” -Lily Bollinger

Nancy Walker – Winemaker; Wonder Woman

Nancy Walker - Winemaker, Wonder WomanNorthern-California native; daughter of a science teacher; entrepreneur and science experimenter from a young age; bitten by the wine-making bug after graduating from University of California at Davis; lover of the great outdoors who’s been known to forage for wild mushrooms and dive for abalone; can tie on a fly-fishing fly and crochet a scarf, (not at the same time); knows the difference between a Mountain Chickadee and a Barn Swallow; married to a vintner; busy mom of two active boys; Scottish Terrier wrangler; calls Hopland, CA, home.

Motto: “Never give up. Never surrender.”