Entertain/Food / November 19, 2021

Your Thanksgiving Dish Says A Lot About You

Believe it or not, the dish you choose to bring to your family Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving has a lot to say about you. Our Wine Sisterhood team has been entertaining long enough to make detailed insights about your personality just by knowing what you signed up to bring to dinner. 

Think of this pairing list like a palm reading party trick. Don’t believe us? Read on and disagree with or confirm our assumptions in a comment below. Let us know if we nailed it, and if we didn’t, well… we’ll try again next year. 

Since we always want you to present your best self, we included our Thanksgiving wine pairings below each dish. Have a question about a recommendation or need a recipe idea? We’ve got you covered! Message us on any of our social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) and we would love to help you out. 

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Charcuterie Board

You’re sophisticated and like to savor the finer things in life, bit by bit and need a wide variety of experiences. You know a good time when you see one, probably because it’s gorgeous. 

Wine: Gaze Wine Cocktails. Treat dinner guests to a sampling of sparkling cocktails that will wake up their taste buds with beautifully blended flavors and a touch of bubbles.

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Baked Brie

You love cozy comfort, but make it a little fancy. Alongside your cheese will be some expensive jam you picked up on the coast last weekend. If this wasn’t a special occasion, you’d be wearing a hoodie and yoga pants, but you’re never without your diamond studs and mascara. 

Wine: B.R. Cohn Silver Label Chardonnay. Like a great opening band to get the crowd warmed up, this wine’s bright acidity and smooth mouthfeel get your palate ready for the main course. 

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Classic Mashed Potatoes

You’re the people person, social butterfly, looking out to make sure everyone is comfortable and having a nice time. And by bringing this tried-and-true favorite, you’re also making sure everyone’s full. 

Wine: Bar Dog Red Blend. This is another crowd-pleaser and trusty sidekick. Like the well-mannered blended breed family dog, this wine has a welcomed spot next to the foot of every guest. 

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Green Beans 

Girl & Dragon Pinot Grigio in the Park

You’re the traditional one. You’re always the voice of reason, in this case it’s making sure everyone adds something green to their plate. You could be an accountant, not the spicy kind. 

Wine: Girl & Dragon Pinot Grigio. Pour a crisp white wine to complement crisp, al-dente veggies. She’s fierce enough to stand on her own, but her bold side will bring the most out of garden-fresh sides. 

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Butternut Tabbouleh Salad 

You’ve got style with a touch of eccentric flair and you probably plan on running a 10k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. Like your green bean bestie, we like having you around because you remind us that we should always save space on our plate for salad.  

Wine: Middle Sister Smarty Pants Chardonnay. She’s smart and classic, but bucks the old-fashioned ideas some guests may have of a Chardonnay. You won’t find any oak on this brilliantly balanced, fruit-forward wine with a smooth, creamy finish. 

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Are you the oldest sibling? We can tell. You’re the responsible one, capable of taking on important duties and have the confidence to know that you’ll see it through. Cooking the main dish is what you live for. Challenge accepted. 

Wine: Bar Dog Pinot Noir. This medium-bodied red wine pairs well with turkey and plays well with most everything on the table. Like you, it’s a trustworthy companion for any Thanksgiving table. 

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Glazed Ham

You’re bold and aren’t afraid to show your warm confidence. Chances are you’re the friend who can recall the most interesting stories from holidays past and have something nice to say about everyone at the table. 

Wine: Girl & Dragon Malbec, fierce red with bright berry flavors that will bring out the sweet and savory flavors of a glazed ham. While bold, it’s a crowd pleaser at a table full of flavor. 

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Every family and friend group has one, the one who signs up for the most involved, time-consuming dish that everyone raises an eyebrow at. And you’re stealthy enough to know we’ll all be asking for seconds once we’ve given it a try. It’s also vegan and we know that because you told us three times.  

Wine: Middle Sister Surfer Chick Sauvignon Blanc. She’s California beach chic through and through. Pair her with all your favorite vegan holiday main dishes, but she’ll also shine next to poultry and fresh veggie apps. 

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Pumpkin Pie 

You’re a sweet classic. You love the holidays because they’re a time to reminisce about days gone by and your favorite way to do that is by making Grandma’s pumpkin pie. You also know Grandma’s secret trick to ensuring your pie sets up each and every time.  

Wine: Middle Sister Sweet & Savvy Moscato. Sweet desserts and this Moscato are a match made in heaven. This wine knows the best is saved for last.

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Chocolate Tart 

You, my dear, are a smooth operator. Delicious is your middle name and you make sure everyone in the room knows it. It’s especially true when you’re serving up a dark, decadent treat like this. Don’t mind if we take our time, do you?

Wine: Tall Dark Stranger Malbec. While this wine considers itself dessert on its own, it becomes the life of the party during the holidays. No need to bring an impressive date when you have this bold, Argentinian smooth-talker by your side. 

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