Entertain/Food / November 18, 2020

Attitude of Gratitude

This year has presented plenty of challenges to get you down but we’re sisterhood strong. And we look at the glass half-full. OK, maybe ¾ full.

Heading into holiday season is all the more reason to reflect on our resilience and think about what we are thankful in our lives—and more importantly, who.

Our celebrations may look a little different this year (we see you ZOOM), but for us, there will always be wine on the table.

Here are some of our favorites you can find at your favorite wine store. Or, if you’re staying close to home, order from our Bottle Shop. If you do order online, be sure to order as early as you can because home delivery is going to be huge this holiday. Click here for our shipping deadlines.

For your cooking sesh

Who doesn’t love a bit of wine and prep? Try Middle Sister Pinot Grigio to set your chef mood. A splash of white wine in your cooking never hurt either.

For the appys

Did your mom ever tell you not to spoil your dinner with appetizers? Ours did. Whether it’s veg and dip, chips and salsa or whatever your tradition maybe, a little Purple Cowboy is welcome to the pre-party. Just don’t fill up…there’s more to come.

For your turkey table

Whether you’re doing turkey or a more plant-based offering, two kinds of wine on the table leaves everybody’s options open. May we suggest Bar Dog Red Blend or Chardonnay? Best of all, Bar Dog supports PetFinder Foundation, helping pets find their home for the holidays.

For your sweet stuff

Did you know Middle Sister Moscato is a perfect pairing for holiday sweets? One wine rule (and you know we hate rules) says the wine should be slightly sweeter than the dessert. With an ever-so-slight sweetness, this wine will go with whatever’s on your treat table.

Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy Moscato

For your clean-up sesh

Feeling a bit dark and dragony when faced with the dishes? Pour a wee glass of Girl and Dragon Malbec, put on your favorite playlist and power through. Better yet, take that glass up to your tub and let somebody else clean up.

For you Black Friday mood

Stay in bed with your laptop and have somebody bring you coffee while you virtually complete 99.9% of your holiday shopping.

Woman using laptop and drinking beverage in bed

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Stay safe out there, sisters.


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