Culture / January 21, 2020

Roaring 20s Wine Resolutions!

We have a good feeling that 2020 is going to be a big year. To prepare for that big year, we’re setting resolutions we can stick with – resolutions that are enjoyable and exciting.

Join us in kicking off this new “roaring” decade with a few wine-related resolutions that we’re looking forward to checking off our lists!

In 2020 we resolve to:

Campaign for our Favorite Causes

This year, we plan on supporting the causes we care about with action, starting with:

Rock the Vote: 2020 is an election year and we’re calling on all of our Wine Sisters to canvass, march, and most importantly, vote for the causes impacting our day-to-day lives and future. You’ll hear the call here on the blog, across social media and even on our favorite wine labels. We’ve got the inside scoop that Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy Moscato will have new messaging on her label this year reminding all of our Wine Sisters to get out and vote. Stay tuned for more!

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Tough Enough to Wear Pink: Terry Wheatley, Wine Sisterhood co-founder and creator of Tough Enough to Wear Pink, is a survivor herself; lost her grandmother to breast cancer, and both her mother and daughter have been affected by the disease. Purple Cowboy Wines, a part of the Wine Sisterhood family of wines, is a proud supporter of Tough Enough to Wear Pink. It can be a simple as sipping Purple Cowboy to support the pink cause, or you can go a step further and attend a supporting rodeo near you, purchase gear, or follow Tough Enough to Wear Pink on Facebook and Instagram.

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Animal Rescue Groups: Bar Dog wines aren’t just another cute face on the shelf. When you open a bottle of Bar Dog, you also help shelter animals. Bar Dog works locally with and donates to Wine Country Animal Lovers in Napa Valley and the Dogwood Animal Rescue Project in Santa Rosa. The wines also support organizations across the country at special events.

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Try New Wines

One of the most convenient and exciting ways to discover new wines is by joining a wine club. Joining a wine club can also save you money! Companies can offer deals when you’re buying more volume and larger shipments save on delivery costs. We’d suggest trying a wine club from one of our friends and family that we feature on the blog regularly, including B.R. Cohn Winery, Cosentino Winery and Viansa Sonoma

You can also learn about new wines by ordering something different the next time you’re out on the town. Talk to your server or the restaurant sommelier about wines to try when you’re out to dinner, or have a girls’ night out with your Wine Sisters at a local wine bar and all vow to try something new.

Take a Wine Tasting Trip

You don’t have to leave the U.S. to try world-class wine. California, Washington and Oregon are full of destinations where you can expand your wine knowledge. We’ll be updating our Travel section this year with our favorite places in the U.S. to travel and taste wine. Until then, browse stories about all the spots we’ve sipped so far!

Happy New Year Wine Sisters!


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