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20 Great Rainy Day Date Night Ideas (at Home!)

It’s spring, which means that the weather is even more unpredictable than usual. We’ve pulled together 20 rainy day date night ideas for at home date nights. You don’t even have to leave the house to be kinder, more attentive and a better all-around companion.

(Photo from Flickr user Golden Ribbon)

1. High Stakes Board Games
You have a stack of them in that cabinet. Time to dust off the board games, but this time, you’re going to make it interesting with some stakes. Whether it’s sexy, financial or potentially embarrassing, up the stakes of the board games with a friendly wager.

2. Indoor dancing lesson
Hire someone who will give you an on demand dance lesson or you can learn from the magic of YouTube. We’ve had a blast learning the Tango and how to waltz from free online sources.


3. Photo Shoot
We’ve all seen the Instagram Husbands video – take inspiration from that to have a two-person photo shoot. 

4. Dinner and Movie (with a twist)
Take direct inspiration from the movie and serve cannoli with a viewing of the Godfather, a Timpano from the movie Big Night or a viewing of the movie Chef with the perfect Cubano sandwich.

5. Pretend Power Outage 
No electricity allowed (except the sparks between you). Pull out the candles, the ready-made snacks and the intimate conversation for a cozy, enlightening evening.

6. In the Car
This isn’t technically an indoor date night, but close enough. Head out to the car for conversation or action (or both, parked right in your own neighborhood.

7. Eating Contest
Although you could compete on who can eat the most hot dogs, we’ve had fun playing chubby bunny or seeing how many crackers we can eat without drinking water.

8. Crossword Puzzles
There’s something about a shared puzzle that brings two people closer. Tackling a crossword puzzle together can make you feel like there’s nothing that can keep you down.

9. Fort
Build a grownup fort with all the classic amenities. 

10. Massages
With tons of techniques – my absolute favorite rainy day date night activity is giving or receiving a long, free massage. 

11.  NY Times Questionnaire 
There’s a reason that the 36 questions are so popular. Spend the time asking each other these questions — alone or with a couple friend for even more inspiration. 

12. Indoor S’mores
Making fireplace s’mores is easier than making them outside. Plus, you get bonus points for feeding them to each other.

13. Short Story Club
Much like a book club, you get to read a piece ahead of time and discuss it. Since time is of the essence and you know that your what’s on her bookshelf anyway, read a short story and come prepared to discuss. My favorite list of short stories is here: 

14. Make an art project together
When my now-husband and I were dating, we spent a lot of time finishing each other’s doodles on the back of bar napkins. Take inspiration by each of you drawing one line at a time until you have a completed drawing. You’ll surprise yourselves with your abilities!

15. Science Project
How long has it been since you did a science project? This ingenious list from Buzzfeed is the perfect place to get started. 

16. Tasting!
Try a cheese tasting, fig tasting, fruit tasting, cake tasting. There’s something so fun about buying all the kinds to find out what you want.

17. Wine tasting
This one’s one of our favorites! Each of you comes home with two surprise wines. Cover all the bottles with brown paper bags and get tasting. Themes could be Italian wines, Cabernet Sauvignon or New World. Make notes of what you like and what you don’t about each wine — you’ll surprise yourselves and your taste buds.

18. Listen to an iconic album
When was the last time you listened to an album, from beginning to end? Get started list of Rolling Stone’s 500 best albums and listen, really listen to it together. 

19. Wii/XBox/Playstation
Try a new game together on your console. You’ll have a blast competing on level ground.


20. Go all in
We love to choose a different culture and learn everything about its food. Planning the menu, the timing and the ingredients becomes the kind of project that can create wonderful memories. 

Next time you’re facing down a date night in, you’re prepared to make the most of it — let me know your favorite indoor date night activities in the comments!



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