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Wrap Up of Gathering Wrap Ups

We’re still in the afterglow of the Wine Sisterhood Gathering in Napa last week, and looks like we’re not the only ones! A number of the women who attended the two-day event are posting their thoughts about the trip: the food, the wine, the learning and the friendships they made.

Here are some of the highlights:

First Annual Gathering of the Wine Sisterhood: Women, Wine & Napa (
A wonderful ‘custom blend of women and wine’ took place last week on the ‘First Annual Wine Sisterhood Gathering.’ Thanks Wine Sisterhood for a great wine and women event! 

Oscars, Wine Time, Girlfriend Time – Life is Good Girlfriends! | Girlfriend Gratitude (
Life happens sometimes, doesn’t it? Great things and terrible times bump right into each other making me so grateful for girlfriends. 

BlogTalk Radio Interview: Girlfriendology and Wine Sisterhood (
I hate to rub it in, but I just got back from the BEST women and wine event in Napa! (Actually, I SHOULD hate to rub it in, but it was so fun I just HAVE to share!)

Eating Your Way Through Napa, California (
I know you think that if anyone is going to write anything about Napa Valley in California that they would make it a point to immediately highlight what Napa is best known for: wine. 

Napa Winery Guide for the Clueless Wine Lover (
I actually don’t know anything about wine. Ok, no. I know a little something about wine. Like, I finally know enough about tannins and astringency to understand why I don’t normally favor red wines. I am less confused about the whole decanting thing.

Tumbled from Napa (
Every wine lover has dreamed of making their own wine…

Napa, and I! (
One day I was asked if I was interested to attend a trip to Napa with the Wine Sisterhood. I thought it was a ridiculous question. Does anyone say no to such an invitation? I sure wouldn’t!

Pairing Wines In Napa! (
I cannot look at a bottle of wine without thinking about Napa. I seriously can’t! Better yet, I enjoy my bottle of wine so much more now that I have been to Napa. Did I say “bottle”? I meant glass of wine, but truth be told I am somehow drinking a glass or two and actually loving it. The Wine Sisterhood gathering is definitely one event I plan on being at next year.

Blending Wines in Napa! (
As we sat down we learned about the different taste of each of the wines in each barrel and as alike as they looked how much they differed in taste. We were urged to make the perfect glass of wine, and no there was no right or wrong answer, since our own pallet was the judge in this decision. 

Girlfriend Trips to the Vineyards – I’ll Drink to That! (Carol Cain at
My favorite getaways are to vineyards where my girlfriends and I can bond and relax. I recently spent a few days surrounded by wonderful women  in Napa Valley, checking out all sorts of great vineyards  and eating amazing food.

Wine Sisterhood’s Gathering in Napa Picture Recap (
It’s Wordless Wednesday so I’ll keep it brief and let my pictures recap my AMAZING experience at the Wine Sisterhood’s first annual Gathering in Napa. You might want to grab a glass of wine. Ahem.

Tasting wine like a pro ( 
We looked at the wine, swirled it, smelled it and of course tasted it. No vigorously sloshing it around or slurping. That’s weird. Just a quick swirl to open up the wine, sniff and sip. 

Wine Coasters ( 
I got the pack of coasters and stopper in my goody bag from the Wine Sisterhood conference. They were donated by The Spit Bucket, which just happens to be based in Napa! I love home-town goodies. 

Women…Wine…Wonderful: Wine Sisterhood’s Gathering 2012 (
If you follow me on any social networks, you undoubtedly got inundated with my status updates and pictures of the daily events of the trip. You probably hated me. It’s okay because I would have hated me too. The wine (beginning at 10:30am), The food. The fun and friends. The wine. 

You can also check out our Foursquare Gathering location and our Gathering’s collaborative Pinterest Board to see some tips and pics.

We want to thank all of the women who shared the whole experience with us. We hope to see them – and YOU – at the next Wine Sisterhood Gathering. And yes, you may even have to…Zumba!

What would you like to see – and learn – at the next Gathering?


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