Travel / October 2, 2012

…And the winner is!

OMG! The Sister who will be joining us and Christine Trice (OMG I so need a glass of wine or I’m going to sell my kids) in Napa is… Clare Honn!

What was Clare’s response when we told her she was the winner (well, the part that we can print)?

NO WAY! OMG! OMG! OMG! This came on a day on a day that I was wondering if O’wine thirty can begin at 10:30AM!

…And we knew we’d picked a fantastic Wine Sister. (Psst, yes, O’wine thirty can begin anytime you want.)

Clare kept missing her opportunities to visit Napa. She wanted to go for her 21st birthday…nope. Her 30th birthday…didn’t work out. She finally got to Napa by way of her best friend’s wedding. She was the matron of honor…with a nursing infant. Probably not the way you want to celebrate being in wine country. She wanted a Napa Redux and we’re happy to give it to her!

We asked Clare for a favorite OMG quote, and for anything else she wanted to say.

I’ve often been asked since becoming a mother, “What piece of advice would you give a new mother?” Along with a laundry list of tidbits that include my feelings on baby wearing, solid foods, sign language, breast feeding, homebirth, etc, the final answer boils down to this: wine and good girlfriends. I don’t know how anyone does this whole motherhood thing without wine and good girlfriends.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath.” Here’s to hoping this trip leaves me positively breathless!

We’re looking forward to meeting you Clare! Bring your daughter in 15 years.


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