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Digital Diva: QR Code Reader by Wine Sisterhood

Have we got an app for you! Our Wine Sisterhood QR Code Scanner is free for iPhone (Android coming soon) and ready to help you scan, click and discover information about our wines – and anything else on the other side of the QR Codes you find.

What are QR Codes, you ask? QR codes are like bar codes: two-dimensional coded images that can be read by QR code readers on smartphones using phone cameras as scanners. Each code created represents some kind of data like:

  • Website URLs
  • Words (text)
  • Text messages (SMS)
  • Phone numbers
  • Web-based forms
  • Contact information
  • Video or audio files
Wine Sisterhood uses QR codes on the back labels of each of our wines. If you scan one, you’ll be taken to a custom mobile website where you can learn more about he wine, watch a video, download our apps straight to your phone, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Download the free Wine Sisterhood QR code reader, and start using it right away. Watch this Digital Diva Minute to learn more:

See a QR Code on a wine bottle, poster, print advertisement, flyer, store sign, brochure, business card or some other flat surface? Just fire up your scanner then:

1. Center the QR code you want to scan in the app. You can even turn on a light if you need it.

2. Wait a few seconds while the scanner reads the code and translates it for you.

3. Check out a website, fill our a form, watch a video. Each QR Code leads to something different, and you usually won’t know what you’ll find until you scan.

That’s it! The Wine Sisterhood QR code reader is easy to use and delivers the data. Download it here!

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And don’t forget about our Drink-u-lator! A handy smartphone calculator to help you determine how much wine, beer and spirits to buy for your next girlfriend gathering or even big catered event! Available for iPhone and Android.


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