Wine 101 / March 8, 2021

Modern Women Making Wine History

It’s Women’s History Month and we’re celebrating the women who have influenced…and ARE influencing the world of wine. In honor of International Women’s Day, we’d like to recognize some of our partners, friends and wine sisters who bring our wines to you each day.

Later this month, we’ll post a historical perspective on women who helped establish the wine industry in the past. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss an update. 

To help everyone raise an extra special toast, this month we’re offering a special discount in our refreshed and redesigned wine shop. Use code SISTERHOOD at checkout to take 25% off ALL wines sitewide plus 1¢ shipping on 12+ bottles. (Offer valid through March 31, 2021.)

The Marketing Women

Ever wonder who creates those labels, figures out the blends and makes sure you can find them on the shelves of your favorite wine seller? Marketing, that’s who. We’re proud to introduce this dynamic team who are the brains behind our brand creation, social media, social initiatives, marketing partnerships and so much more. Jenna Duran, Kate Eckert, Destinee Hayden and Georgie Hackett, that’s who. Jenna, Kate and Destinee found their careers through a passion for wine, hard work and education at Sonoma State University, our hometown college. (Georgie, always the rebel, attended Cal Poly and Fresno State University). We provide a Sonoma State scholarship for those pursuing a Master’s degree in Wine Business each year to pass it forward.

The Women of Marketing: Destinee Hayden, Jenna Duran, Georgie Hackett, Kate Eckert and Frankie, official Bar Dog wines spokesdog

Jenna Duran – Director of Marketing, Vintage Wine Estates 

“My favorite part of the job is that I get to create things! I get to come up with crazy ideas, tell stories and work with our talented team of ladies to create wines that we hope our Sisterhood loves as much as we do.”

The Ecommerce Women

People have been staying home are more comfortable than ever purchasing wine on-line. A very big reason are these behind-the-scenes pros who are devoted to our Wine Sisterhood community and making your purchase of our wines on-line easy, reliable and fun. Wine on your doorstep? What’s not to love!

The Women of Ecommerce: Kelsey Snyder, Alyssa Peek, Erica Peterson, Brooke Schreiner, Mary Ann Martin

Brooke Schreiner- Director of Ecommerce, Vintage Wine Estates 

“Every day I have the privilege of working with collaborative and creative teammates where all of our achievements are shared and celebrated as one. That kind of supportive and dynamic environment is what makes my job so rewarding!” 

Meet the leaders behind the Wine Sisterhood.

These are the seasoned and savvy women who inspire us with their smarts, passion and heart every day.

Terry Wheatley - Wine Sisterhood and Tough Enough to Wear Pink

Terry Wheatley – President, Vintage Wine Estates; Founder, Wine Sisterhood

“There are two things I really, really love about my job: creating wine brands and advocating and mentoring women in the wine industry and young entrepreneurs who are building their own businesses.”

Meet Nancy Walker, Winemaker - Wine Sisterhood Blog

Nancy Walker – Senior Winemaker Strategic Brands & New Development, Vintage Wine Estates

“This is easy for me, I love being outdoor in nature.  Winemaking is really an agricultural lifestyle and business. The time I spend in the vineyards on the North Coast of California in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties is magical. Every time I see a bald eagle, peregrine Falcon, coopers hawk, red tail hawk or red shouldered hawk I just feel so special and lucky to be that close to nature and wildlife. I had a very enchanted childhood growing up with a father that was a Marine Biologist, Naturalist, Botanist and Fly fisherman.  My entire family spent all our weekends and time off from school out in nature collecting plants, insects, fossils and marine animals. I think I’ve fished every river in Northern California multiple times. Being out in nature, the smells, sounds and sites and working with farmers and their families is something I enjoy a lot!”

Jessica Kogan – Chief Digital Officer, Vintage Wine Estates and Co-Founder of Cameron Hughes Wines

“My favorite part of my job is team development. Direct-to-consumer has many unique selling channels. I work with a diversity of talent/specialists who are experts in their areas. My work is to create the space and inspire cross-channel collaboration, agility and fearlessness. I get to be both coach and mentor in their professional journeys – achieving goals they never thought possible.”

Erin Luby – Vice President, Tasting Room & Wine Club Operations

“The favorite part of my job is working alongside my colleagues.  They challenge and inspire me daily to push harder, achieve more and still be able to laugh at the end of the day.”

Now it’s your turn! Tell a woman you admire about the difference they make in your life today. 

Wishing all of our fabulous wine sisters a wonderful Women’s History Month!


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