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Ways to Stay in Touch Virtually

Ways to Stay in Touch Virtually

We’re stuck at home, but we don’t have to go it alone. Technology and Wi-Fi are keeping us connected to our Wine Sisters near and far.

These days, the tools we can use to connect virtually are everywhere. They’re in apps on our phones, programs on our computers and stand-alone devices. Some of the most popular include FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger, Skype and Google Hangouts. Depending on the activity, types of devices people are using and number of people connecting, you’ll want to check out a few tools to find out which works best for you.

If Zoom is your preferred virtual meetup tool of choice, Middle Sister created a handful of custom backgrounds. Add some Middle Sister-style to your Zoom background with all five versions.

Middle Sister Rebel Red Zoom Background
Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy Zoom Background

While we have to hunker down, use a few of these ideas to keep your meetups exciting and interactive:

Organize happy hour. Until we can get back to our regularly-scheduled socializing at our favorite watering holes, move the party online. Pour a glass of your favorite wine and start the conversation.

Host a book club. Pick a book, pick a date, read up then meet up. Have everyone login, pour a glass of wine and chat about your latest read. We have a long list of book club picks if you need a suggestion.

Send a sister a question. Host your own Q&A or join ours! The Middle Sisters are answering your most pressing questions in real time every Wednesday on Instagram! Starting April 15th at 8:30am PT, a different sister will be sharing Middle Sister Wisdom all day.Follow Middle Sister wines on Instagram so you don’t miss it!

Play a game. Don’t cancel trivia night – host it online! We like this online trivia night how-to and this more in-depth game night guide.  

Watch a show. Netflix Party is a new way to watch a show together and interact with chat while you watch. This guide will get you started.

Workout together. Many of our favorite instructors are now hosting classes online. You can find big-name studios offering free classes right now. Find one that fits everyone’s fitness level, sign up and workout together, apart.

Cook a meal. Open up your favorite cookbook or find a new recipe online. Call up a Wine Sister and cook together using a video chat tool.  

What tools are you using to connect with friends and family right now? How do you keep your online meeting upbeat and engaging?



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