Entertain/Food, Wine 101 / March 26, 2020

Spring is Bursting with Flavor

Winter is officially over and we are welcoming the warmer temperatures outside with open arms. We’re also welcoming a few adjustments in the kitchen. Our meals are starting to get lighter, brighter and overall more fun.

These days, we’re also looking to make use of pantry staples like rice, pasta and legumes. A small amount of these dry ingredients can go a long way when cooked, making for some fantastic leftovers to pull out of the fridge for a second meal.

In addition, we’re incorporating a couple of wines to the mix that speak to our change in style and enhance the flavors on our plates: Buttery Bomb Chardonnay and the NEW Berry Bomb Red Wine.

Buttery Bomb Chardonnay has rich aromas and flavors of apple pie and crème brûlée that develop into rich warm notes of toast, baked apple and pear, cream and butter. Click the button to find near you and add to your grocery curbside pickup order.

Pair this wine with fresh recipes like:

Orecchiette Primavera
Spring Lentil Salad
Easy Seafood Paella

NEW Berry Bomb Red Wine has aromas of ripe berries bursting from the glass that are met with flavors of juicy strawberries, radiant raspberries and cherry all complimented by a well-balanced acidity and a smooth finish. Click the button to find near you and add to your grocery curbside pickup order.

Try a glass with these delicious dinner ideas:

Beef Tips with Peppers
Pork Noodle Bowls
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

You can also order from Buttery Bomb direct, just email info@butterybombwine.com and the customer service team will help put together a shipment for you.


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