Entertain/Food / August 1, 2019

Watermelon White Wine Slushies

We’ve got a big weekend ahead of us. Saturday is National Watermelon Day and Sunday is National White Wine Day. So, what is a Wine Sister to do? Simple: Watermelon White Wine Slushies.

This is the season for watermelon to shine and let’s face it, white wine shines all year long. Time to hit the market and bring home a nice big watermelon – we’ve got slushies to make!

If you like your slushies on the sweeter side, we suggest using Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy Moscato in this recipe. Try a white wine like Girl & Dragon Pinot Grigio if you’re looking for something drier.

Before you get started, here are our wine slushie tips:

Wait! Before pouring the wine into the blender, pour some into an ice cube tray. Use these to keep your drink cool instead of regular ice cubes that will water down your drink.

Freeze! If you have the time, freeze your chunks of watermelon ahead of time. More frozen watermelon = less ice in the blender.

Hang on! Don’t add extra sweetener right away. Wait until your batch of slushies is blended, give it a taste, then add your sweetener of choice (honey, cane sugar, agave, etc.).

Huh? If, by some odd set of circumstances, you have leftovers, pour them into an ice cube tray or freezer bag. Save and blend up later!

Watermelon White Wine Slushies


1 bottle (750ml) of white wine

6 cups cubed, frozen watermelon

2 cups ice

Sweetener to taste


1. Combine wine, watermelon and ice in a blender and blend until smooth. Add more ice for a thicker slushie.

2. Taste and add sweetner, if desired.

3. Pour a glass, grab a seat, put your feet up and relax!

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