Weddings / August 15, 2016

Prep for your best wedding guest season yet

 At weddings, we go drink for drink with water to save ourselves the recovery time.

And just like that, it’s wedding season already! This summer, we have 3 weddings on deck and we’re thrilled to attend all of them. That said, we’ve developed some strategies ahead of time to make sure we don’t go broke, get sick or resentful of our lucky-in-love friends. Here at Monogamy Wines, we’ve pulled together some ways to prepare for the wedding season for your budget, your body and your feelings to make sure love is at the front of the day.


No doubt, weddings are expensive affairs to attend. From the pedicures to hotel and tux rental, weddings can be filled with surprise costs that could land you in some serious debt. But as much as those expenses seem surprising, you can actually plan a most of the costs ahead of time.

Before wedding season even begins, set aside time to plan a budget for the gifts, the prep, the new frock, and cash for tips, drinks, babysitters and transportation. We have a separate bank savings account where put money for wedding season. By planning ahead, you won’t find yourself in debt by celebrating love.


Wedding season can take a toll on our exercise routines and self-care. From overindulgence at the bar to late nights with your best friends, consecutive weddings take a toll on my health. Just like with my budget, I can plan ahead to save my health.

Whether it’s a bachelorette party or a rich rehearsal dinner, you can plan a lower calorie, veggie-rich breakfast to balance the load. When it comes to alcohol, go drink for drink with water for every glass of champagne to save yourself tomorrow’s headache.  Schedule recovery naps ahead of time if you know you’re going to be out late. Take a look at the choices you have to make ahead of time and map a plan – your body will thank you!



With all that family, all that past and all those new people (not to mention, those drinks), wedding season can bring on a host of emotional ups and downs. Weddings are often rich with ex-relationships and the pain that comes with seeing an old flame is real.  Weddings are rife with expectations and when these expectations meet reality,  fireworks ensue.

If you’re a natural introvert, make sure you plan some alone time for the day before and after the wedding. Remind yourself why you’re there, who you’re celebrating and who you love. Just like with your body, it’s important for introverts to schedule emotional recovery time – socializing can be hard work! Often weddings come with a little feeling of loss – they signify change and that can come with a little grief. Be kind to yourself if that happens – and don’t forget the tissues!


I’m always astonished how far a little planning and preparation can take me. By spending a small amount of time preparing my budget, my body and my feelings, wedding season doesn’t have to land me in a financial, physical or emotional hole. I can be fully present to celebrate the love of the people I love.


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