Weddings / August 15, 2016

Eight Great Cozy Wedding Appetizers

It’s no small feat to choose the perfect wedding appetizers. Not only do you want to choose something that reflects your shared background, you also can’t forget the season and the location.

We at Monogamy Wines have pulled together eight cozy appetizers to bring both comfort and taste to your wedding guests.

Taste of Home
Are you and your partner from a part of the world known for specific cuisine? These appetizers reflect tastes from the Midwest, South and West United States. They’re innovative, but still familiar enough for less adventurous palates.

Beer Cheese Spread
German Beer Cheese Spread from Brown Eyed Baker

This Beer Cheese Spread from Brown Eyed Baker could reflect a Midwestern, German or beer-loving background.

Boiled Peanut Hummus

It’s not that sexy to look at, but this Boiled Peanut Hummus from Hugh Acheson and Garden and Gun is the perfect appetizer for your Southern family.

 Fish Tacos

For couples from Southern California, there’s no appetizer like Fish Tacos. Here, Bev Cooks beer batters and fries her catfish.   

Comfort Foods
After all the dress up, expectations and nerves, put your guests at ease with these amped up versions of comfort foods.

Macaroni and Cheese Canapes
These Macaroni and Cheese canapes from Leite’s Culinaria will delight even the pickiest eaters on your guest list.

Breakfast-Inspired Chicken and Waffles


I’ve yet to meet anyone to turn down Chicken and Waffles. This mini version from Apples and Onions is comfort food in the palm of your hand. 

Loaded Mashed Potato Balls

Little Spice Jar made these amazing loaded mashed potato balls from Thanksgiving leftovers that will make your guests feel like they’re at home (but better).

Your Legacy
Choose recipes that reflect experiences the both of you had — mini burgers and hot dogs could reflect a shared love of baseball or chicken wings from the bar where you first met.

Asian Barbecue Chicken Wings


Asian Barbecue Chicken Wings from Rasa Malaysia are an updated take on a pub favorite.

Mini Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

How adorable are these Mini Hamburgers and Hot Dogs from Peter Callahan Catering

There is a world of gorgeous appetizers to reflect your love, your history and put your guests at ease. Tell us in the comments, what have your favorite appetizers been?


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