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2013 Wine Sisterhood Gathering Wrap Ups and Official Video

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” –Walt Disney

It was the perfect quote for the Wine Sisters, shared by founder Terry Wheatley to guide our 2013 Gathering earlier this month. Being in Napa to experience our second Wine Sisterhood Gathering was a dream come true for each woman there.

Above is the official video of our 2013 Gathering, with highlights of many of our favorite moments from the event. You can watch a longer version here

We could go on and on about how wonderful the event was, but we’d rather let some of the attendees tell you first-hand.

So, I Was on Pinterest… (, Charlene Ross) “I had no idea what the Wine Sisterhood Gathering was, but I knew I wanted to win. I mean a free trip to Napa with a girlfriend – what could be better? (It turns nothing! Could be better, I mean. Because this trip was the bomb!)”

Wine Sisterhood Opening Night Speakeasy (Hems for Her, Katie Frost) “Our host, and president of Boisset Family  Estates, was Jean-Charles Boisset, and I was immediately enamored with him. He was so kind and charming (and French!). Walking through the winery, I felt like it was an extension of his personality and preferences. By the end of the night, I was pretty certain I wanted to marry him and move into the Red Room forever!”

Day One of the Gathering (Hems for Her, Katie Frost) “Once we finished lunch, we hopped back on the bus and headed over to Palmaz Vineyard. Equally beautiful, but stunningly different, Palmaz is a multi-terraced affair with mountainside vineyards, and a deep underground building. We had a wine tasting paired with some of the most delicious little bites of food I’ve ever had.”

Unique Winery Experiences in Napa (, Carol Cain) “Oh, how I enjoy Napa. Just like there is a wine for each palate, so is there a winery for each personality. Last year, I got to check out some pretty incredible wineries, but going back this time around made me realize I didn’t even begin to cover the tip of it all.”

Napa Valley Marathon Race Recap (, Lorraine Robertson) “Blissful. That’s how I would describe my recent trip to Napa to run the 35th Annual Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon and attend Wine Sisterhood’s Second Annual Gathering. It was a full five days in the valley so I’m going to recap the trip in a few posts starting with this one about the marathon.”

Napa Valley Marathon, Done! (, Lorraine Robertson) “See, I’m still in Napa for the Wine Sisterhood’s Second Annual Gathering where I’ll spend the next two fun-filled days mixing social media and wine. Gasp! I’ll be learning, networking and of course wine tasting with some of the savviest #winesisters.”

Wine Sisterhood Gathering 2013 Napa (, Dawn Sandomeno  and Elizabeth Mascali) “We will always remember and cherish our time with all of the people we encountered on this adventure, there are too many people and places to detail here so we are excited to announce a six-week series – “The Story behind the Labels – Wine Sisterhood Gathering 2013”. Picking up where we left off in our book, Plan To Party, in our Wine Country Crush Party Plan, in which we shared the stories behind the wines we featured.”

Chappellet Wine Tour – Wine Sisterhood Gathering Napa #WineSister  (, Dawn Sandomeno  and Elizabeth Mascali) “Often times when I entertain, I like to move from room to room for each course to share different experiences with my guests. Chappellet took this approach to entertaining to an entirely different level with their “party on the move”. With a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in hand, we headed off to tour the grounds.”  

Wordless Wednesday: The View and Vino (, Lorraine Robertson) “I’m still smiling from my recent trip to Napa Valley for the Wine Sisterhood’s Second Annual Gathering. These are two of my favorite pictures from the trip taken at Quintessa. Yup, Jen, the event organizer, caught me taking pictures of the view and vino – two things I’ve grown very fond of.”

Would You Like a Little Cheese with Your Wine? Day 2 (Hems for Her, Katie Frost) “Curtis and I LOVE cheese so we were super excited for the Wine and Cheese Pairing Workshop hosted by Cabot Cheese. We tried five different cheeses paired with five different wines and it was such a fun (and delicious) experience.”

So, I Was on Pinterest… (Part 2) (, Charlene Ross) “The winery is now run by three of the Chappellet children, but we had the privilege of meeting Molly Chappellet. She was an extraordinary woman with such a warm and lovely presence about her. She was so gracious and sophisticated and beautiful it felt like meeting royalty. (And I’m sure in Napa she is akin to royalty.)”

So, I Was on Pinterest… (Part 3) (, Charlene Ross) “And I have to admit, I may have been over-fine-wined-and-dined. (Well, can anyone ever be over-fine-wined-and-dined?) I was tired. But happy. So happy. I felt so lucky and so blessed to be able to have this experience.”

Raymond Vineyards – Wine Sisterhood Gathering Napa #WineSister  (, Dawn Sandomeno  and Elizabeth Mascali)  “From the Red Room, the members-only private club, to the Crystal Cellar, laced with fine Baccarat crystal throughout, to the quietly hidden Library Room, we were treated to an extraordinary experience by our Host Jean-Charles Boisset!”

You can see all of our official Gathering photos in our Flickr photostream and on Facebook.

Stay tuned to our newsletter for the latest updates about the 3rd Annual Wine Sisterhood Gathering in 2014. We’ll release the dates as soon as we have them confirmed!



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