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Pre-Second Annual Gathering Buzz Wrap Up

Wine Sisterhood Gathering - Lobster Feed Table

The countdown has officially begun! Ok, you got us, we’ve been counting down for months. The 2013 Wine Sisterhood Gathering starts on Sunday, March 2. All of the final preparations are in order, ‘t’s are crossed, ‘i’s have their dots, and we’re ready for our biggest event of the year.

Many of our guests are ready, and they’ve been sharing how excited they are for the event on their own sites and social media accounts. We’ve put together some of the pre-Gathering buzz below.

You can follow along with our event in real time on our Facebook Page and by saving the #winesister hashtag search on Twitter.

My New Adventure: The Napa Valley Marathon and The Wine Sisterhood Gathering (, Lorraine Robertson)
I’ve been thinking about running another marathon for several months now but I wasn’t quite sure which one to do. When I found out the date for the Gathering the stars lined up and the mountains moved – not really, I’m feeling a bit dramatic today – but I knew this combination was meant to be.

Travel Tuesday: Getting Ready for Run & Fun in Napa Valley (, Lorraine Robertson)
I had the opportunity to attend the first Gathering and had such an amazing experience that I knew I’d want to reunite with my #winesisters again – even after running 26.2 miles on the morning the festivities begin. I wonder if running by beautiful vineyards will make the wine taste sweeter?

Wine Sisterhood Gathering 2013: The Celebration, The Friendships, The Reunion (, Carol Cain)
Being in Napa feels like a world away from all the stress of my every day life and I am excited to return and see so many of my friends as well as meet new ones. The 2013 Wine Sisterhood Gathering is taking us back to a couple of spots that I really enjoyed discovering and some pretty great news spots too. The schedule is packed but never so rushed that you can’t take in the moment.

6 Reasons Why I Love the Wine Sisterhood Gathering (, Aliza Sherman)
Between the weather, the sunshine, the expanses of vineyards, the food, the wine, what’s not to love? Traveling away from my usual environment helps open my brain, releases my creative juices, gets me unstuck. I welcome this opportunity to be in the moment in a new place and discover new things that I can think about and write about.

The Wine Sisterhood Gathering 2013 – #winesister (, Dawn Sandomeno  and Elizabeth Mascali)
Our first trip to Napa inspired our Wine Tasting Dinner Party Bluprint , it’s an entire chapter in our book: Plan To Party.  We traveled there with our husbands to learn more about wine first hand and fell in love with Napa.  This trip will be all about the ladies, a sisterhood of women bound by their love of wine and passion for learning about it and sharing it through social media.

Wine Sisterhood Gathering 2013 (, Rachel Matthews)
The Gathering is taking place in Napa hold on I need to say that again NAPA Valley, March 3rd – 5th, LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY! I’ve never been to Napa and I cannot wait to spend 3 days in gorgeous wine country surrounded by talented, smart, savvy women, entrepreneurs and friends!

Wine & Women – Love Wine Sisterhood! (, Debba Haupert)
Close FRIENDS contribute to our personal growth. They also contribute to our personal pleasure, making the music sound sweeter, the WINE taste richer, the laughter ring louder because they are there, Judith Viorst. Combine girlfriends and wine, add Napa and you’ve got the makings of a great blend.

5 Reasons I’m Excited About The Wine Sisterhood Gathering In Napa (, Danielle Smith)
This wine country setting provides the perfect backdrop for this type of event. This gathering educates the women who attend.  It empowers them and connects them by encouraging a community feel…. all while seeing the sites and experiencing the beauty that is Napa.

Our Second Annual Gathering is March 2-6, 2013. Follow along on our Facebook Page and by following the #winesister hashtag on Twitter. And, start planning for next year!



  1. Charlene Ross

    I’ll be there and cannot wait. It really seems like a fantastic gathering with fabulous women and awesome activities. Whoo Hoo!

    24 . Feb . 2013
    • mary ann

      We can’t wait to show you around Napa, Charlene! Looking forward to a wonderful event full of wine, food and learning. Cheers!

      25 . Feb . 2013
  2. Lisa Jakub

    I will be with you in “Spirit”! I love Napa and I love my Wine! Enjoy Ladies! 🙂

    25 . Feb . 2013
    • mary ann

      Thank you Lisa!

      25 . Feb . 2013

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